I'll Be Damned
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About: Will. 20. Bournemouth. I destroyed everything that wouldn't make me more like Bruce Springsteen.

Look what arrived.

I’m definitely not ready for this.

Just look at that photo of the hospital ward. Oh my word.

On the reverse is an introduction to the story (lyrics from the song Sylvia (An Introduction)) and then the album lyrics with alternate titles for every song.

"Before diving into this, I think some background would be useful. When she was younger, she had nightmares. She had scissor-pain and phantom limbs, and things that kept her nervous through that twelve-year interim. When she fell crossing the street (south of Houston, old Manhattan-land), those nightmares fell from building tops and took her by the hand.

She was brought into those rooms with sliding curtains and shining children’s heads. One of them, that boy, was not as lucky as she then. (Years later, he would return to her at night, just when she thought she might have fallen asleep. As she would later describe to me, his face would be up against hers, and she’d be too terrified to speak.)

Now, I won’t pretend I understand, because I can’t, and know I never will. But something makes her sting, and something makes her want to kill. It made her crawl under that house, and stick her head under the stove..well, my point in all of this is that it’s all connected in these complicated nightmares that we wove.”

PROLOGUE or, Hospice

KETTERING or, Bedside Manner

SYLVIA or, Sliding Curtains Shining Children’s Heads

ATROPHY or, Rings Ill-Fitting

BEAR or, Children Become Their Parents Become Their Children

THIRTEEN or, Sylvia Speaks

TWO or, I Would Have Saved Her If I Could

SHIVA or, Portacaths Switched

WAKE or, Letting People In

EPILOGUE or, Sylvia Alive In Nightmares

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